Welcome to the website for the California centers of the Manjushri Lineage. We welcome new students to connect to us, wherever you may live.  Please explore our site to learn more about Rinpoche and our Lineage, and to learn about our Online teachings & our Buddhist Events.

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The Nagavara Raja Lineage, or Manjushri Lineage, is a Buddhist lineage in the Mahayana and Vajrayana traditions.  We have the good fortune to be guided in Buddhist cultivation by Lama Namnang Mingjo Dorje Rinpoche, a humble yet immensely accomplished yogi.

The 68th Lineage Holder of the Nagavara Raja Lineage, Rinpoche is a great, accomplished cultivator and guide on our path.  Rinpoche’s style is similar to Lama Atisha, the Indian sage who brought a revival of pure Buddhism in Tibet, enabling countless practitioners to achieve lasting attainments.  Rinpoche is also a a Lineage Guru of the Gelug Stages of the Path to Enlightenment. Rinpoche is reviving the essence of the qualities of the Kadampa cultivator in each of us : humility, honesty, kindness and purity.

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Cultivators who study with Rinpoche can come to embody these four qualities. Rinpoche skillfully guides the sincere students in practices to make solid and correct progress, removing the suffering and its causes, and revealing the bright light of the mind.