Below is a list of upcoming public classes. There are also additional activities that are available for current lineage students, please email us to learn more.

  • A Bodhisattva’s Garland of Gems, Training Series:                                     This course provides all students a new clear understanding of Buddha’s original teaching content and style, and how to have correct and swift progress in cultivation.  Students gain a profound new perspective on their lives. More
  • Online Forum:  Ongoing mentoring and Buddhist training with Namnang Mingjo Dorje Rinpoche is available in our discussion…scussion-forumforum. Click title for more info.  More
  • We have ongoing study groups to allow you to understand the meaning of Buddhist cultivation with the Manjushri Lineage and Mingjo Rinpoche, and the value of Buddhist cultivation in our lives.  If you live far from our locations it is no problem, email us and we will set up video connection for you to some of our local events.
  • There are other practices and gatherings which are for existing students and are not posted on our public calendars. Please contact us to learn how you can participate.

In the calendar below, click on an event to see the details and to register for a class; you will be taken to the website where you can register for free, and RSVP for Events.

Send an email to for any questions or to be added to our email list.

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*There is never a charge for any of our activities, though a voluntary offering (no set amount) is customary when attending events at our main center in San Jose, CA.