Online Teaching Forum

A new model in Buddhist  Teaching

Rinpoche’s teaching and guidance allows everyone to improve quickly.  In addition to in-person classes, we also have an online Buddhist teaching forum that anyone can join.  He has an unmatched ability to see into the students problems, and also see into the essence of the Buddha’s teachings.  These online teachings help students to use the Buddhist logic to expand the view of their lives, remove old heavy burdensome concepts and afflictions, and reveal the bright sunshine qualities of their mindss.   Rinpoche and our student community are very open, honest, hard-working, and sincere.  If you are apply yourself to learning with us, then you will find this a great and rewarding experience too!

How it works

Rinpoche’s teaching style is very personal, creative, logical, practical, and direct.  In these teachings, you won’t just learn the logic and application of the Dharma (teachings of Buddha), but will learn the correct attitude and spirit of cultivating the Dharma in our daily lives.

This is an active online classroom.  Rinpoche posts teachings regularly and we all login and check regularly.   We read and contemplate the teaching posts and each other’s writings, and can post our understanding as well. Through this process, the Dharma teachings start to merge with our own logic.  As we put the Dharma into effect, the causes of suffering are undermined, and the causes of virtue are increased.

Who is it for

In the past you had to be in the same city as the Dharma teacher. Now you can receive close and dynamic teachings from a master wherever you are. If you have a sincere interest to learn from a Buddhist master, that is all you need.   No matter if you have a background in Buddhism or not — everyone is new and is learning something that we don’t understand yet.  Rinpoche guides us step by step through various examples, stories, and questions. There are many skillful ways to help us to think more deeply about ourselves, our lives, and how the Dharma teachings are applied to our lives.

What is the value ?

These teachings help us to uncover the hidden wrong logic that we have about ourselves and our life and help us to see the depth and truth of the correct logic of the Dharma so it can truly help us.  The Dharma helps our minds to transform, helps the pure qualities of our heart and mind to be revealed, and helps us root out the wrong logic and habitual patterns that cause suffering for ourselves and others. Instead of attending occasional Buddhist classes, one can progress in Buddhist contemplations in a group cultivation environment every day, from the convenience of wherever they are located.

This is not a short-term  formal online Buddhist program like you find elsewhere.  It is not a paid online Buddhist program that you can find elsewhere. It is not a program led by assistant teachers. It is a series of dynamic Mahayana quality teachings from a top Mahayana cultivator and master Rinpoche.  One can continue to grow and develop long term with Rinpoche this way.  It is very hard to find this quality of teaching anywhere else at the present time.

How to get started

This is an ongoing online teaching forum. Send an email to if you are interesting in joining, or learning more about our online community.  We can give you a short introductory tour and help you get started.


There is no charge for our events or for participation in our onsite teaching forum. Donations are voluntary.