Rinpoche & Lineage

Selections from Rinpoche’s Biography:

Namnang Mingjo Dorje Rinpoche was recognized as the 68th Lineage Holder of the Nagavara Raja Lineage (Manjushri Lineage) at age six. His Lineage Guru, Hui Ling Rinpoche, brought him to a remote mountain area around the Manjushri sacred region of Wu-Tai Mountain to receive the rigorous Sutrayana and Vajrayana teachings of the Nagavara Raja Lineage. He stayed there for more than 10 years before ever leaving the mountain. Rinpoche has mastered the inexpressible essence, empowerments, commentaries, and realizations of the 108 Nagavara Raja Lineage Tantra practices, holding their full blessing power.

Rinpoche is sincere, honest, and humble. He does not pay attention to titles or grandiosity.   With his kind and compassionate mind he looks after everyone around, giving the disciples the careful, insightful and precise guidance they need to truly progress.  He is a rare fearless and diligent warrior proceeding on the Bodhi Path with determination and patience, one that we still have the unusual opportunity to see and encounter in our time!

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